Pruning techniques

We understand from vast experience how various trees will respond to pruning and can apply the appropriate methods for each given tree species and form while avoiding improper practices. Correct and proper pruning is crucial because it Removes dead, weak, crowded,... Read more


Pollarding Rare, but appropriate technique Begins when tree is young Applied every one or two or three years All shoots are removed each time Shoots are only 1-inch diameter when removed Does not cause trunk decay Creates good structure Can... Read more

Consultancy services

We offer a range of consultancy services including Tree inspections for health and safety Large scale surveys and reports Trees in relation to proposed or existing development BS5837 Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) appeals and advice Advice on trees in Conservation... Read more

Tree Surgeons what we do

Tree Surgery All trees need to be maintained as they can become a danger to the public. Old wounds can become weak points on the tree. Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can be removed before it falls causing damage... Read more