Stump grinding

Stump grinding with our narrow access grinder. This powerful stump grinder will tackle stumps of all sizes. Leaving the area completely clear and level.... Read more

Crown lift

Ravensbounre school where looking for a tree surgery company in Bromley Kent Tree Care was contacted by The Ravensbounre School in Hayes Lane Bromley as they were having problems with nine large Horse chestnut trees on there sports fields. Under the... Read more

Tree removal

Tree Surgery Orpington Ash tree with a structure defect to the main stem included bark – with cavity from a branch wound which lead to fugues spreading into the main stem deteriorating the tree to failure. The tree was felled and... Read more

Conifer removal

Tree surgery Orpington This fast growing pine was removed to the customer’s satisfaction and request first the limbs were removed on one side to allow better access. Then the rest of the limbs were removed taking care not to damage surrounding... Read more

Oak tree removal

Oak tree removal Orpington This Oak tree was causing major damage to the drains, of a residential property in Orpington. We were was asked to remove the tree by the Insurance company and the Owner.... Read more

Pruning Silver Birch

Tree Pruning Beckenham After assessing this Silver birch tree we decided to thin the main crown removing all deadwood and defects leaving a health balanced crown. This Silver Birch tree will not require pruning for many years showing the importance of correct pruning... Read more

Tree pruning Kent

Tree pruning Kent Pruning of Lime trees for the Churches Trust St James Church Yard Cooling Kent Alan was asked to quote for the removals of braches touching the power lines and to crown reduce the Crown of  the Lime... Read more

Removal of deadwood

Tree pruning Bromley This Oak tree was in need of some maintenance as it hadn’t been maintained at all except the lower branches trimmed occasionally. This tree was in dire need of a clean up as there was significant amounts of... Read more

Hedge cutting

Hedge cutting Orpington Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges. Hedge cutting of a large conifer hedge using a Mewp (Mobile elevated work platform)... Read more

Tree felling

Tree removal services Bromley Kent Tree Care was contacted by the directors of CPI Mackay’s (the largest book printers in Europe) regarding the removal of fifteen large oak trees. After an on site visit and carrying out a risk assessment the... Read more