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Tree Surgery

All trees need to be maintained as they can become a danger to the public. Old wounds can become weak points on the tree. Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can be removed before it falls causing damage to property or people. Certain growth abnormalities can become potential weak points as the tree ages. All these things cause potential hazards. Trees that are growing near to houses may have their branches interfering with gutters or windows. The tree may be just far too big for the size of garden it is in.

Dismantling and Felling

Complete removal of a tree by carefully removing it in sections when an unsafe tree is a hazard to property or the public. Kent Tree Care is a highly specialist firm and has invested in rigging equipment and training to ensure you get the very best and safest sectional fell.

Crown Reduction

Complete reduction of the size of the tree. By the careful removal of the outer crown to produce a smaller sized canopy. This is very specialist work, normally no more than 30% of the total canopy should be removed at any one time unless safety is an issue. Branches should be removed to growth points whenever possible. Certain species and tree forms (sometimes dependent on the trees environment) need special work, this will be discussed with you subject to your requirements.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches to lift the height of the crown.

Crown Thinning

Removal of weak crossing or duplicated branches to improve the structure of the crown.

Dead Wooding

Removal of dead branches to reduce the hazard of them falling onto buildings, vehicles or the public. This process also allows the tree to compartmentalize more efficiently.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinders can grind a stump down to 150mm below ground level, this allows plenty of space for planting new shrubs, or for preparing your ground for any other purpose. As we have numerous grinders for different size stumps, we ensure that we leave the rest of the ground undisturbed. We take on any size of stump, starting from just a few centimetres, to the largest stumps you could think of.


Some people worry about access into their rear gardens, however we have stump grinders small enough to fit through side gates. We will always tidy after your stump has been ground out. Left over chipping is left on site which is brilliant organic mulch for your garden beds.